My ardor

I document interesting eat-out destinations, fun places, and unique personal transformations.

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Fun Places

from new spots in Vi to undiscovered lounges in Ikeja, I bring you the happening places in lagos day and night life.

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Your taste buds

My palette deserves a treat always so does yours, weather its a local dish or an international dish, the taste bud needs some tickling.


Experiencing the Magic Of Lagos


Lagos and fun spots are like honey to a bee, discover new places with my recommendations.

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Ticking my taste buds one meal at a time. check out where and want i eat from resturants in your bucket list.

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bucket-list, personal growth, beauty trends and more.

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Restaurant Deals

The side bar by Miskay

Unlimited Mimosas and Two course meal on sundays.

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restaurant Tours

Steak in Lagos: Fusion Steakhouse & Sushi

I knew I was going to dine out at the lagoon restaurant that evening, what I didn't know was the surprise I was in for. The lagoon restaurant is a big

Yummy dits

Jules is my name and...

I am on a journey to becoming an independent woman, finding multiple streams of sustainable income, and accepting partial frugality while catching Ubers to fun spots for vibes, drinks, and most especially food.

I know that was a lot, read one sentence at a time.

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