Juliet Ikiba

I go by Jules

A Frontend developer, a digital markerter, a writer,
and a full tiime enjoyment minister.

Lagos is fun and interesting when you have your “Owo”, take it from a Lagos girl that grew up in Okokomaiko. I left Lagos to my native home Rivers state to study Finance and Banking at the University of Port Harcourt.

I have worked as an accountant, a writer, a digital marketer, and some without job titles. I, fortunately, was able to enjoy my passions, which are Food.Beauty.Love.Tech.

If you've heard of Sercil Beauty that's my brand otherwise check it out, am learning about tech daily, am spreading Love, and am enjoying delicious dishes according to my cravings, budget, location, and what's available.

I am on a journey to becoming an independent woman, finding multiple streams of sustainable income, and accepting partial frugality while catching Ubers to fun spots for vibes, drinks, and most especially food.